Haven Cat Care
Exceptional Personalised Boarding Facilities

Services + Rates


  • Guaranteed personalized attention for each guest in common area including cuddles, brushing, massages, etc.

  • Twice daily cleaning of individual units.

  • Optional updates via email or text, including a photo or video (free of charge)

  • Medication: No charge for medication that can be added to food. Other medications (i.e. injections, drops, oral antibiotics) can be administered but are priced on an individual basis after consultation.

  • If you prefer to have your cat left in your home, we can travel to your home on a daily basis for the same services provided at Haven. Services needed will be assessed on a case by case basis and are based on availability.



  • $22 per day for one cat

  • $35 per day for two cats sharing one unit

  • 10% off for stays between 7 and 28 days

  • 15% off for stays over 28 days

  • Home visits range from $15 to $20 per day, one visit per day (based on location and availability)

  • Rates are determined on a 24 hour basis or portion thereof.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

If you aren't able to drop off your cat(s) at Haven, we'd love to help by coming to pick them up and/or drop them off for you. This service can only be provided while you are present so that you can help with the departure and arrival of your cat(s) to reduce stress.

  • $15 per trip

  • A carrier must be provided for transportation 

  • Based on location and availability