Haven Cat Care
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Facility + Units


Facility + Units

Haven’s bright, open space welcomes our feline guests with a cozy atmosphere, including a common area with an electric fireplace, chairs to curl up on and places to explore. A secure entry system keeps our guests safely inside so they can relax by the fire or go for a climb on the custom built multi-level play corner. If desired, guests have daily access to an enclosed outdoor space (coming spring 2018!) where they can enjoy some fresh air and watch the birds fly by. 

Our 6 individual units are multi-level, with separate areas for eating, sleeping and litter. If you have two compatible cats, our units are large enough to accommodate both at a discounted rate. Each unit includes a top level window with a forest view, and a plexi-glass door to let in light. If your cat would prefer more privacy, we provide the option to screen off the door to make them feel more comfortable. 

Each unit contains:

  • A plush bed

  • Food and water dishes

  • Litter box and litter

  • A scratching pad and a toy